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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 12, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> bob: what about layers? >> kimberly: that is it for us tonight. we'll see you back here tomorrow on "the five." happy monday, everybody. thanks for watching. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: newt gingrich and mitt romney trade pointed barbs in new hampshire. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. iowa kicks off voting in the 2012 presidential season in 22 days. the first primary of the campaign is four weeks from tomorrow in new hampshire. the two leaders for republican presidential nomination were both in the granite state today. chief political correspondent carl cameron spent much of the day with the front runner. newt gingrich stormed in new hampshire, the only state he is not leading the polls and warned voters his rivals will smear him. >> contest between here and winning the nomination is the power of positive ideas versus
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the power of negative advertising. a simple race. it will pile on. and they will try to knock me down. >> reporter: mitt romney conceded that newt gingrich is the front runner. asked if the exspeaker should return the $1.6 million he made consulting for freddie mac, romney took a shot. >> i sure do. he was on a debate saying that politician who took money from freddie and fannie should go to jail. which is outrageous in itself. >> reporter: gingrich countered with rhetoric reminiscent of democratic accounts. >> he would like to give money back from the bankrupt companies and laying off employees at bane i would be glad to listen to him. i'll bet you $10, not $10,000 he won't take the offer. >> reporter: despite the pledge to remate positive that is a zinger at romney's offer in saturday debate to bet $10,000 over the accuracy of perry's remarks. >> my wife said, "mitt, it's a
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great debate. you're great at a lot of things, just not betting." we're over with that. >> reporter: do you have to win iowa to beat him in new hampshire? >> the record in fact if i do win iowa, which i hope to do, it makes it harder in new hampshire, because the average new hampshire voter goes i won't let people in iowa tell me what to do. split, iowa goes to you and new hampshire guess to romney, south carolina do or die battleground? >> a big deal. >> reporter: gingrich candidly conceded that romney is better organized. >> romney has the money, establishment, the eternal structure. >> the rap is you don't. >> i don't have the kind of money he has. >> organizationally? >> we're catching up. he is clearly way ahead of us in all the things establishment brings you. >> he says he will win if the race is about substance, on one major condition. >> it depends on, the ability to have everybody attack you for a while and not let it bother you. >> can you sustain it and not pull a newt? the bad newt is what people joke about. look, i think when i was
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younger, i was probably a little more enklineed toward rapid response. there may be a virtue to being 68 and being a grandfather. you know, you are a little more thoughtful and more disciplined. >> when we sat down for normal interview, gingrich said he wants to win but seems at peace with the prospect of losing as well. >> i'm a citizen. i don't have to be president. i have to be a citizen. i'll articulate in a public way to the american people. if they decide they don't want me, that is their prerogative. >> romney suggested if he doesn't win the nomination, he would be fine. he'd go home to his family and back to business. tactic that has had some success, but you have to go back a few years. last time a candidate said he didn't care if he won or not, george w. bush. he lost the new hampshire primary but he won the presidency for two terms. >> bret: carl cameron live in new hampshire, see you in iowa tomorrow. brit hume has thoughts on how
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they are attacking each other. >> newt gingrich's response to the assertion that gingrich should return the money he received as consultant for freddie mac is telling. romney, gingrich suggested, should give back the money he earned from the years at bain capital, where he said that romney bankrupted company and laid off workers. think about it. gingrich paid for strategic advice by a government-sponsored loan company that used the government granted competitive advantage to build a bad mortgage house of cards that nearly brought down the entire u.s. economy when the bubble popped in 2008. romney ran private investment firm to make money by making them more profitable. in some cases there were layoffs. some companies failed. numerous others including the office of the supply chain staples grew to large intervises that created thousands of jobs. this is the free market risk-taking capital that most call themselves conservative applaud. attacking mitt romney for
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engaging in it has been a staple of the left critique of romney for years. wife would newt gingrich resort to it? does he believe what he did for freddie mac is similar to what romney did at bain? probably not. but if gingrich feels upstaged or threatened he reaches for whatever at hand and starts swinging. ask paul ryan. >> bret: you heard carl asked speaker gingrich about the old bad news. poppinnews -- old, bad newt popping up and you saw the speaker laugh about it. put on your analyst hat. what should gingrich do now about the latest back and forth? >> if this goes viral what he said about romney and bain and is received by conservatives and well could be he needs to get away from the comment and go back to the newt that he tried to be in pau carl's piece. not the slasher and guy that reacts sharply and lashes out.
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that is the persona that got him where he is today. he needs to get back to it. >> bret: thank you. >> you bet. >> bret: don't forget, the next debate this week from sioux city, iowa, the last time all of the candidates will be on the same stage together. before the voting begins in the iowa caucuses. tune in thursday night, 9:00 p.m. eastern. you can get instant analysis and par tisnate a live chat with the fox news contributors at president obama indicates it does not matter who republicans put up against him next fall. chief washington correspondent says ed henry president telegraphs the re-election strategy that focuses on party more than personality. >> the re-election strategy is coming from the top. president obama telling cbs "60 minutes" he may not be perfect, the other guys are worse. >> joe biden has a good expression. don't judge me against the almighty. judge me against the alternative. >> the campaign advisors say
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they are determined to make sure a race is not referendum on the policies. the president will try to make it a choice. painting himself as a fighter for the middle class. charging the eventual nominee wants to return to tax cutting policies that cause crisis in the first place! the core philosophy they are expressing is the same. where they want too take the country and i want to take the country is stark. >> he argued that his policy was not a failure. >> i didn't overpromise or underestimate how tough this will be. >> in fact, this chart with the president's economic team said they did overpromise. predicting in 2009 if the stimulus passed, unemployment would be down to almost 6% by now. >> i think he is uninformed inexperienced person that
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doesn't know what it takes to get an economy to work. >> the conservative group crossroad is determined to make it a referendum of the president's policy, accusing him in a new tv ad of overpromising energy jobs. >> the true engine is always solyndra. >> we need jobs, not washington insider deal. >> it's no wond they're the president is eager to focus on foreign policy promises kept, whether appearing today with the iraqi prime minister to discuss bringing home all u.s. troops or boasting about following through on dismantling al-qaeda. >> ask usama bin laden and 22 out of 30 al-qaeda leaders taken off the field. whether i engage in appeasement. >> the campaign manager and the top strategist will be in washington tomorrow to meet with reporters. they're getting more aggressive, not reacting to republicans but crafting their own message. bret? >> bret: ed henry live on
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the north lawn. thank you. stocks started the week down. the dow dropped 153 today. the s&p subpoena off 19. the nasdaq lost 35. britain continues to be the lone hold-out amongst european union nation to new treaty meant to save the euro. greek officials open talk with european bankers on a much delayed second bail-out. italian workers went on strike to express their anger over that country's tough austerity measures aimed to keep it from bankruptcy. extremely fuzzy math from the head of the democratic party later in the grapevine. up next, the final days for u.s. troops in iraq. ♪ the weathe is frightful ♪ ♪ but the fire is so delightful ♪ nothing melts away the cold like a hot, delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow
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it's the one doctors recommend most for arthritis pain... two pills can last all day. ♪ in world headlines, russian prime minister vladimir putin has high profile competition for the run at the presidency. one of russia's richest tycoon says he is in the race. mikhail prokhorov is said to
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bot worth $18 billion. he owns the nba's new jersey nets. sirens kept children home from school in a show of civil disobedience. this is video shot in the city of homs. the government went ahead with municipal election and moments ago, the death toll surpassed 5,000. president obama and nouri al-maliki atended a wreath laying ceremony at the arlington national ceremony. u.s. forces are scheduled to be out of iraq in less than three weeks. tonight, greg palkot shows us what the final days look like in baghdad and here at home. >> president obama and nouri al-maliki met in washington today and put the bost face of the final pull-out of the
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iran. the president expulled the wider benefit of a war he once opposed. >> what has happened in the last several years has linked to the united states and iraq in a way that is potentially powerful. could benefit america and iraq but the entire world. >> asked about the noncommittal staff on the clash of syria. some see it as a sign of iraq alignment with iran that backs ally syria. both admit iraq was in a tough neighborhood. >> realize danger of sectarian war in iraq and syria. >> iraq, itself, the situation is not so tidy. >> the u.s. troops might be leaving iraq but problems remain. a couple of weeks ago, wall
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pros texting this market in the center of baghdad were taken down. a few days later, there were three bomb attacks leaving dead and injured. >> it's important to recognize iraq remains a dangerous place. all the threats are not gone. >> baghdad residents are targeted by a diminish and deadly al-qaeda network and militia groups said to be backed by iran. iran's influence in iraq as the u.s. leave is one of many worries here. many are angered but the muslim -- by muslim leaders strong-willed way. this kurd is diplomatic. >> the ruling class. in the community cannot be by a single leader. the political consensus now is important. >> for consensus on the baghdad street.
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the security concerns and economic worries abound. what do iraqis feel about the departing american troops and their future? >> we thanked them, this man, says, for toppling the regime of saddam hussein. we are glad they are leafing, he says. we don't want people occupying our country. >> we have the power and the wealth. we have the foundation to raise up. we need just to sit together. and run our country. >> after a long haul, a lot of americans are hoping for that, too. in baghdad, greg palkot, fox news. >> the u.s. federal government is hosting muslim leaders here in washington this week for a conference on religious tolerance. many muslims are angry in how they are portrayed in the u.s. but other critics say it's appeasement to hardliners. the administration says it's promoting education and understanding. iran says it's almost done retrieving data from an american surveillance drone that went down in that
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country. there are conflicting views about how much they will gain from it. tonight, catherine herridge tells us how iranians may have gotten ahold of the drone in the first place. >> in washington, administration officials set a realistic tone as they urge iran to return the drone. >> we have asked for it back and we'll see how they comply. >> we don't expect them to comply. >> over the weekend they dragged about the drone's value. >> this is not only intelligence victory for us but intelligence defeat for our enemies. >> the u.s. officials seem to dismiss the claim as bravado. it's not guaranteed goal mine because they may not have expertise to capitalize. iran's claim remain bold. >> this is a secret. one which in fact america and
6:18 pm
others should think deeply about and i won't elaborate on how we intercepted, control and discovered this plane. >> while the u.s. intelligence community is considering a handful of explanations, fox news has learned details of a leading scenario. the rq-170 could not re-establish contact with base. it should have gone home or hit destruction mode. but the theory is the throne got stuck in a default setting for automatic landing. this would be in line with the internal or system failure. >> because the drone is designed with the multiple redundancies, some analysts say there has to be more to it. >> it's a term that relates to the adversary, masquerading as your signal. there is ways of manipulating it, overpowering, the friendly signal. if they are on remote control. >> u.s. officials tell fox there is no evidence to support iranian claims that they jam the drones data stream to bring it down. though a former u.n. ambassador speculated tehran may be getting help from moscow. >> if the russians provided
6:19 pm
iran with sophisticated jamming equipment, it means a lot else is at risk, too. missiles, planes, and communications and guidance system for a whole range of our weapon system. >> fox news iran representative to the u.n. said the u.s. government breach of air space is unmanned spy plane was violation of the international law. it may help explain the administration decision not to recover that drone. >> catherine herridge live in washington bureau. still ahead, the supreme court agrees to hear another case with huge political ramifications. but first, republicans push their version of the payroll tax cut extension. welcome idaho, where they grow america's favorite potoes. everyone knows idaho potatoes taste great. but did you know they'reood for you too? they're high in vitamins and potassium. and idaho potatoes are now certified to carry the heart checkmark from the american heart assoction
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>> bret: federal government is on pace to run a deficit for the month below $1 trillion for the first time in four years. treasury department says the october deficit was $137 billion. the two-month tote is $236 billion. that is $55 billion less then year ago and projects to $973 billion for fiscal year again. that is below $1 trillion for the fiscal year. federal reserve governors meet tomorrow and said to be considering a new public relations campaign. the new strategy could be unveiled next month. we could know by this time tomorrow whether a new plan for payroll tax extension passed the house. mike emanuel says the rhetoric is getting sharper. >> ahead of tuesday vote in house on the $192 billion package that includes fully
6:24 pm
paid for extension of the payroll tax holiday, speaker boehner made this pitch. >> this morning, member of the house endorsed the legislation, so i think it will pass with bipartisan support. >> it includes scaled down unemployment insurance program and two-year extension to medicare and moving toward on allowing construction of the xl pipeline. >> this bill contains top priorities from both sides. let's take it up and not pass it with theatrics. let's give them the jobs they deserve. >> leading democrat responded to mcconnell that the tax relief is bigger than the pipeline benefit. >> he said at one point it may create 20,000 jobs. there are 14 million americans out of work. 160 million counting on the payroll tax cut.
6:25 pm
>> there are signs relations are more toxic than usual. chuck schumer blasted the republican leader to politico. "mitch mcconnell started the whole year with a strategy. it's beginning to fall apart and we are seeing evidence all around us. " mcconnell aides says it's unsubstantiated and blame the republicans for weak economy and failed policies. >> once as a leader you identify the problem it's up to you and your responseability to bring people together. >> as the war of words continue, they're coming up with another version of the payroll extension. congress must pass legislation funding the government beyond friday night. so far, there is a greater willingness to compromise on this issue. >> we are dealing with the lives of people. it relates to the daily lives of people in middle class of
6:26 pm
america. that is what this is all about. >> the senate and the house appropriators are trying to put together a huge package to fund the government through next september. some conservatives want to see provisions added like the funding planned parenthood and the president healthcare law. with time running out and everybody knows it, they will take a bipartisan coalition to avoid a shutdown. bret? >> we'll follow it. thank you. american farmers are said to be enjoying the best year in decades. the agriculture department says profits are expected to spike by 28%. to more than $100 billion. sales are predicting to pass a $200 billion figure for the first time ever. occupy movement protesters have new targets. that's next in the grapevine. reality check for the leader of the democratic party. [ sue ] wow!
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>> bret: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. occupy groups are targeting west coast ports from anchorage to san diego. group of 200 not testers stopped big rigs from entering the port of oakland this morning. during their march to shut down the busy cargo terminal. unions are divide on the action. one union including one representing teachers support the day-long site. no union at the port does. one union opposes the move said it supported last month general strike. yet believes today's action
6:31 pm
will only hurt working people. "the port is abulic entity. it's not really the #%. go shut down a country club. that is 1%." this morning, debbie wasserman-schultz said unemployment have not gone up under president obama. the facts do not back up the statement. the facts don't back up the statement. in november of this year, 8.6%. finally, the media appears to have been strick within a case of tebow derangement syndrome. the denver broncos won the last six games with tim tebow under center. religiously infused language abounds with miraculous and blessed. here are a few representative headlines. god's quarterback. tim tebow, and christianity, is it secret of his success?
6:32 pm
tebow faith mentioned in 64 articles in six weeks. the reigning super bowl champion packers are on pace to shatter many records. the devout faith of aaron rodgers was mentioned in just one major news source. big docket for the supreme court got bigger today. correspondent shannon bream tells us on top of hearing a challenge to president obama healthcare law, the justices will consider the argument on the arizona tough immigration statute. >> two major controversies, both due to be decided by the supreme court on june 2012 will land in the midst of the fight for the white house. first, the president's healthcare law and word that the court will take up the legal battle over arizona controversial immigration law. sb-1070. >> this will be one of the most m me men to us terms in
6:33 pm
decades. >> portions were struck down by the lower court to include a provision to require law enforcement officers to determine immigration status of a person stopped, arrested or detained for another reason if there is suspicion they are in the country illegally. today, the arizona governor jan brewer who said she was stunned at the audacity to file suit against individual state seeking to safeguard the people said her state was forced to ask because of the government inaction. and long maintained that state like arizona stepped beyond the constitutional boundaries of passing the own immigration law. >> the department is involved in the lawsuit because a principle in the lawsuit we are seeking to vindicate. on the immigration matters there is one and only one quarterback. >> in addition, the justice department has suits pending
6:34 pm
from other state because of immigration law. alabama, south carolina and utah. private groups filed suit against georgia and indiana. >> the administration will continue to take aggressive approach before the supreme court to say that the state has no authority to regulate in an area that is a federal prerogative. >> elena kagan did not participate in the decision to take up the case and presumably won't hear oral arguments next spring. if the case ends in 4-4 tie, the ninth circuit decision blocking portion of sb-1070 will stand. in washington, shannon bream fox news. >> bret: canada environment minister says his country is pulling out of the climate change. the u.s. never sign on to agreement. we will talk about the republican presidential race and what newt gingrich told carl cameron today. the back and forth between gingrich and romney as well.
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oil or cream? cream. reddi-wip us real dairy crm. nothing's more real than reddi-wip. do you believe he is a lobbyist really? and since he took money from fannie and freddie do you believe he should give the money back? >> i sure do. he was on a debate saying that politicians who took money from freddie and fannie should go to jail, which is outrageous in itself. he says he was in consulting business but that is different from the consulting business that other people have been in. washington insiders get paid money there because of their association. it is something people are tired of. >> if governor romney would like to give back money he earned from bain, i bet $10 he
6:39 pm
won't take the offer. >> bret: back and forth about the time with freddie and romney's time at baen raised the eyebrows. today, they asked newt about the old bad newt? he said i don't think so. is he? bring in the panel. bill kristol, a.b. stoddard and charles krauthammer. what about the back and forth today? >> if either one want to give back money i'll take it. i hope none of them will end up -- i don't know. this is what happens when you have two front-runners a and they start to knock each other down. it happens.
6:40 pm
there will be room for others to get in the race. >> the pledge didn't last that long. >> it's hard. he knew he would attack him. i thought he did well. but pop shot at romney and answering the criticism, not a positive campaign. gingrich's race to lose now. romney conceded that today. it's, i think it's unnerved mitt romney. why he had a dismal offer of offering $10,000 bet to perry and i think we will talk about it in 20 years. $1,000, have you ever been offered a $10,000 bet? i don't know people who offer them.
6:41 pm
>> what about the response? sure thing. $10 million. >> it was undiscipline and we wouldn't have seen it in other debates where romney was putting in commanding performances. a problem for him. with proportional voting there is a path for romney to win a long battle. >> bret: charles? >> if he said $1 million, it would have been understood as not an actual offer but something that is outrageous. meaning this is a slam dunk. but being romney he thought well, maybe $1 million is too high and $10 will not be understood. so he chose the middle path, the wrong thing to do. what was remarkable is what newt did today.
6:42 pm
it wasn't just that he went negative. he pulled out the heavy artillery on this. i am with the commentary from earlier in the show. what attack is it where a person of the right to another. what conception of capitalism do you have if you attack the opponent for entering the risk taking of capitalism? the old line that capitalism creative destruction, that this attack is what you expect from a socialist. a person goes to capitalist system. succeeds and fails. you get a bankruptcy and is that a way to attack a fellow conservative? that is remarkable and telling. it makes you wonder about the core ideology of newt himself. >> bret: when you say to the gingrich supporters who say he was responding to romney
6:43 pm
charge he give back $1.6 million or the other money he made in his business as capitalist, advising or whatever he does, strategic advice to freddie mac. >> what one person might have done responding is defend what he did. he didn't do because it is indefensible. second, he tries to make a comparison or try to make something the same from what he did which is peddling influence. and what romney and others have done to invest in the economy to succeed and fail. third, he didn't have to do it by attacking what is essentially the essence of capitalism. there were a lot of ways to answer that question. there was a lot of the old newt here. i'm not sure it was the new evuncular newt. >> i i'll defend newt here. newt probably should haven't said that. a little silly.
6:44 pm
but newt's core appeal doesn't come from the fact that he made money since after he left office but comes being a conservative leader for 20 years to bring republicans majority in congress. effective speaker, though it ends with him having to leave. he did good things. he is a serious player in the history of modern american conservatism. newt needs to get back to that. struck on the cruz we came back from, 450 people. newt -- we polled them and newt won. had 52% support and romney had 30% support. that struck me, these are people you might have expected to be well off and go on a cruise for a week to be romney voters but they were inclined to newt. if you asked them why, at the end of the day, newt had been conservative leader for longer than mitt romney. whatever his flakiness and the paradox views on some issues they felt at the end of the day he would make the conservative case against obama if a way that romney can't. and that is what newt has to
6:45 pm
get back to. make a conservative case, ideological case. >> bretcase >> bret: "weekly standard" crews. we need a "special report" cruise. >> a lot of fans of "special report." huge due coas for everybody here. bring you next time. you can come. >> make a point but the way to defend yourself under attack is ideological consistency is not to then undermine the basic principle of conservative economics. which is that the capitalist system, though it involves risk and people losing jobs in the long run creates jobs, wealth and prosperity for everybody. >> newt's earlier defense was along the lines do you want mucher effective. it helped ronald reagan put in place policy to allow mitt romney and other people to make money with successful economic growth in '80s and '90s.
6:46 pm
stick to that. we agree he should stick to that line. not ask romney to give the money back. no one will give anybody's money back. >> bret: ten seconds. >> i think that romney supporters are worried about the $10,000 bet. they thought it was undisciplined moment. if gingrich wants to run, positive campaign, he should haven't said things like that. it's fodder for his critics. >> bret: don't forget the next debate is thursday, 9:00 p.m. eastern from sioux city, iowa. i am leaving tomorrow morning. you get instant analysis and participate in live analysis. we are taking the show live tomorrow. "special report" from sioux city. next up, president obama and his fulfillment of the promise to get troops out of iraq. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up!
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what has happened over the last several years has linked the united states and iraq in a way that potentially powe powerful and could end up benefiting not only america and iraq but also the entire region and the entire world. >> this administration took a gamble. >> staked american prestige and the national security on the premise it could go in, overthrow hussein and rebuild a functioning democracy. so far, each time, that we have made an assessment of how that gamble has paid off, it appeared that it has failed. >> start obama in 2007 talk about the iraq war and president obama today. alongside iraqi prime minister saying the iraq war is over and all the u.s. troops will be out of iraq by the end of the year. back with the panel. you see the two leaders meeting in the oval office today.
6:51 pm
charles, what about this? and the statements and the moment? >> well, i thought it was remarkable. here is a president having failed in the job he had, which was three years to negotiate an agreement with iraq where there is some u.s.-- [ inaudible ] there will be none. which means that our influence will be greatly diminished. in fact, we won't have 16,000 people in the u.s. embassy in baghdad. that would make sense if we were a major influence in iraq, which we won't be. without our military for protection, do we want that many americans out there relying on protection of othe others? we will be sitting ducks. it's clear we are swaying to influence as we saw in iraq's decision to sustain in the arab league to suspend syria
6:52 pm
and extend sanctions, which will be very difficult on the assad regime. what the arabs are seeing, sunni arabs is a shiite cescent iran, iraq, syria and hezbollah and lebanon as a threat. that is why i think they are really intent on fall of assad. because that would be a blow against iran, shiite influence. that is why iraq obtai abstaine. a it tells you how they are middle east context no longer responding to american interests, in any significant way. >> bret: this is a big moment for the administration. in that politically it plays well to get all of the u.s. troops home, despite what charles is saying here about concerns going forward. but what about the dichotomy between the two statements we saw, a.b.? and the fact is there really was no mention at all, not once, of the bush
6:53 pm
administration, or decisions made in that time. >> when he was asked whether or not he still believes it was a dumb war he said history will be a judge of whether or not getting in the war was a right decision. he is saying he finish it off in right way. no matter what he said as a senator he invested in the relationship with nouri al-maliki will be strained but he must have one. this is an essential relationship. because malia is close to iranian -- because he is close to iranians. not only must president obama work to secure gains we made for stable iraq but he needs, as he tries to mitigate the threat of the iranians flexing their muscle in the region, he can't lose this relationship. a sticky issue with the lebanese detainee and whether we take him back here or iraqis can keep him. there is a lot on the table.
6:54 pm
but for president obama politically and substantively, he must keep the relationship going. he must have a line in with nouri al-maliki no matter what. >> bret: the president did mention sacrifice of troop, and the blood and treasure that u.s. spent on iraq. your thought on the statement and day? >> i thought the statement was moving. that is the great irony for me. he said we had shared about sacrifices. blood and treasure of u.s. fighting terror. implied we had success and saying history will judge whether it's right to get in, in the first place, the appropriate thing to say as president. he wasn't going to repeat his position that he had as senator. he said what happened in iraq, success there could benefit iraq and the region and the u.s.. in a certain way, eloquent, i thought tribute to what we achieved over a difficult eight-year period there. and then he as charles says, he in substance throws it all away not being serious about leaving the serious u.s. presenc there to help hold iraq together and help
6:55 pm
them, the counterbalance to iran instead of succumbing to iranian influence. to me, watching the statement, appropriate and somewhat moving made even more, made me even more unhappy and obsessed about the fact he didn't negotiate an agreement to leave reasonable number of u.s. troops there. >> bret: what is the reasonable number. it? at the end, negotiation had it to 10,000. then down to 3,000. >> the generals wanted 20 to 25, comparable to the presence in the countries after the second world war and korea, elsewhere, germany and japan. it would have been less but it would have been effective. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stay tune to hear from a presidential candidate's biggest supporter. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually se arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis,
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>> bret: finally tonight, the super pack started by jon huntsman's father began airing
6:59 pm
ads. the older huntsman is going through the super pac. one noted that probably is a good thing. his father making ads for his own son could possibly be embarrassing if you are running for president. >> america is broken. we need a strong leader like jon huntsman with a proven record of achievement. prince at just 18 months johnny started using the potty all by himself. is he a visionary who could read before he entered preschool. not every 3-year-old that knows the word dramatary. >> don't forget the christmas present. >> i'm talking. >> science fair silver medal. >> so handsome. >> jon huntsman jr., the nicest boy. >> he breast fed until age 5. >> karen, please. >> you can see the problems there. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. drop me a tweet, new address


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